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Helping Australian Businesses Offset their Supply Chain Emissions

Carbon Offset Solutions for Logistics & Shipping

At Across the Ocean Shipping in partnership with Carbon Neutral Shipping Australia we are now doing our bit to reduce the impact that carbon emissions are having on our planet due to shipping. It is no secret that shipping is fast becoming one of the main contributors of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. At carbon neutral shipping we have developed a series of tools and technologies that can now be used to map the CO2 emissions from each of your shipments. Our tools are provided in conjunction with a professional carbon offset program, allowing us to examine the impact of our shipments and at the same time engage offset programs to mitigate the global impact. For the first time in our history customers of Across the Ocean Shipping have access to a full turnkey service, which provides carbon neutral shipping services.

We are proud to have taken this step and we hope that many of our clients will also embrace the new technology and options on offer. Together we can help to save the planet and provide a better future for our children. Play your part in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions today. Find out more by visiting our microsite:

Our Carbon Offsetting process:

♦ How it Works

Over at carbon neutral shipping Australia we will accurately calculate the carbon emissions on your shipment based on the following criteria; transport method, distance travelled, commodity type, weight of cargo. These elements will be added to our proprietary algorithm and within 48hrs we will generate a detailed breakdown of your emissions and furnish you with a turnkey quote that enables you to complete your shipping request following a fully carbon neutral approach providing you with peace of mind. 

♦ Our Climate Protection Projects

Ultimately carbon neutral offsetting is all about giving back to the environment and building up our natural habitats. Carbon offset elements of shipping quotes are apportioned to one of climate protection programs in partnership with Trace. These projects typically focus on four key verticals; plantation and biodiversity, renewable and smart energy, poverty and regeneration, land and restoration. We also look to invest money and resources in the Australian local initiatives.

♦ A Message from our CEO

"It is our mission at Carbon Neutral Shipping to provide every business with the capability to minimise the environmental impact across their supply chain caused by Co2 emissions. We work globally with a diverse range of climate protection projects, empowering businesses with the tools to radically reduce carbon emissions within their organisation."

David Aherne

Director & CEO