Australia’s Leading Freight Forwarder is Expanding: New Brisbane Office

Australia’s Leading Freight Forwarder, Across the Ocean Shipping, has opened an office in Brisbane, Queensland

Australia’s leading freight forwarder, Across the Ocean Shipping (ATOS), is expanding. This week, the organisation has opened its second Australian office in Brisbane, Queensland. This location marks ATOS’s fourth global office, with sites situated in the United States and the Netherlands, also.

“It’s been a long time coming, but I’m proud to say we’ve now opened our doors in Brisbane. Many of our clients are based in Queensland, so it was only fitting to be able to bring our services closer to them; after all, customer service is our primary priority at Across the Ocean Shipping,” says David Aherne, Across the Ocean Shipping’s Managing Director and CEO.

Aherne continues, “the Port of Brisbane is the quickest-expanding container port in Australia; it is also considered the largest seaport in Queensland. As Across the Ocean Shipping continues to flourish as an independent freight forwarder, it is important for us, as a customer service orientated business, to be in close proximity to this evolving freight hub. We pride ourselves on always being one step ahead, so it seems only rationale for us to follow within this trajectory too.”

This expansion has enabled Across the Ocean Shipping to grow its team, welcoming three new members to the ATOS family. Each of which are logistical experts in their own right, with Brisbane Branch Manager, Jarrod Macgregor, set to lead the new location.

“Jarrod brings a significant level of experience and leadership to the Brisbane branch. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve witnessed air freight services becoming more heavily relied upon due to shipping supply chain delays. ATOS’s recent acquirement of an IATA License has allowed us to become more efficient with our air freight offerings, as we are able to now liaise directly with select air freight carriers. Jarrod has extensive knowledge in this space, so we’re excited to be able to utilise his expertise for our customer’s benefit,” outlines Aherne.

Joining Macgregor as a new recruit to ATOS is Travers Ryan, as Customs Manager, and Max Ohelhafen, who has been appointed as a Customer Service Representative.

ATOS’s new office is located at 52 Wentworth Pace, Northgate, Queensland, 4013.

Aherne is a shipping and logistics expert with over twenty years of experience in the freight forwarding industry. He is available for immediate interview opportunities and can speak to the following trending topics:

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