Worldwide Logistics Partner

Our mission as a global logistics player is to provide an operational extension to the businesses of our customers and partners around the world. Moving large quantities of freight around the world in an efficient and cost effective manner requires a trusted network of agents, robust contracts with a range of shipping companies covering air, land and sea operations covering a vast number of international ports. As a turnkey 4PL shipping provider operating a continental service around the clock Across the Ocean Shipping provides peace of mind to its partners, and provides the distribution backbone to empower growth.

Let our professional logistic teams take the load and manage your supply chain, while you concentrate on growing your core business. You can trust that our loyal personnel will look after the basics and provide a transparent, clear, logistics service.   

  • Looking for a one off solution to move tonnage by Air, Land or Sea. No Problem.

  • Want to explore the option of a 4PL fully managed supplied chain. Arrange a consultation.

Freight Solutions

We provide a range of flexible, fast and efficient air freight solutions.

Container shipping and sea logistics service for international businesses.

Our road logistics services ensure complete end to end freight solutions.

Reach target markets faster with our high speed rail logistics solution offer.

Safe and secure warehousing solutions to help businesses scale.

Dedicated customs clearance and brokerage services at the border.


Warehouse Storage

We provide secure storage and distribution for international businesses.

Supported by a network of strategically located warehouses throughout the globe we can provide safe and secure storage for goods and equipment, together with unloading and offloading solutions that allow businesses to upscale distribution and expand delivery capabilities with a strong partner in support.


Distribution Add on Services

Designed from the ground up to support a range of different retail, B2C, B2B business types Across the Ocean Shipping provides turnkey distribution services in support of all warehousing solutions.

Real-Time Tracking

Enterprise real-time cargo tracking technology

Our real time cargo tracking technology provides real time visibility for your packages, items and equipment wherever it happens to reside in the supply chain. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Security for Cargo

24x7 monitoring and secure storage for your shipments

All of our warehousing facilities are manned around the clock and protected by 24x7 security guards, monitoring systems and secure door access.

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