Energy Logistics

Professional logistics services tailored for energy and utility firms transporting fuel and heavy equipment.

Energy Logistics Solutions

Across the Ocean Shipping is a proven player when it comes to optimising supply chains across the energy sector. For over a decade we have serviced major firms in the oil and gas industry alongside renewable energy and power generation utilities. Modern energy production sites are located in remote environments which require complex logistics infrastructure and worldwide supply chains, all of which contribute to a serious challenge. At Across the Ocean Shipping we design, implement and optimise efficient and scalable supply chains throughout each stage of the project lifecycle, including construction, exploration and production. When processing, refining, producing or distributing any aspect of energy generation, our processes can increase power plant and employee productivity delivering optimised on demand supplies, whilst staying focused on health and safety. Our experts are widely experienced managing multiple global suppliers, streamlining the inbound flow of raw and refined materials into existing and developing plants.

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Energy Logistics

Dedicated professional logistics solutions tailored to the energy and utilities sector.

Full portfolio of specific logistic services and solutions tailored around energy and utility firms, Our suite of options includes project logistics, warehousing, distribution and full supply chain management with dedicated experts on staff who understand the core aspects of energy and utility based business models.

Warehouse Storage

We provide secure storage and distribution for international businesses.

Supported by a network of strategically located warehouses throughout the globe we can provide safe and secure storage for goods and equipment, together with unloading and offloading solutions that allow businesses to upscale distribution and expand delivery capabilities with a strong partner in support.

Real-Time Tracking

Enterprise real-time cargo tracking technology

Our real time cargo tracking technology provides real time visibility for your packages, items and equipment wherever it happens to reside in the supply chain. Peace of mind guaranteed.

4PL (4 Party Logistics)

Fully integrated 4PL supply chain solutions for growing businesses.

As a fully integrated 4PL service provider Across the Ocean Shipping provides maximum value to partner supply chains via delivery of a dedicated logistics ecosystem. Our solution provides customers with access to a vast array of freight forwarding services combined with leading edge technology.

Project Logistics

We specialize in complex, heavy and challenging logistics projects.

Project logistics is a challenging area and requires a logistics partner with the right equipment, expertise and global partners. At Across the Ocean Shipping we are project cargo experts and specialise in moving heavy and oversized cargo along difficult routes routes, managing complexity and risks along the way with the utmost care.

We provide a range of flexible, fast and efficient air freight solutions.

Container shipping and sea logistics service for international businesses..

Our road logistics services ensure complete end to end freight solutions.

Reach target markets faster with our high speed rail logistics solution offer.

Renewable Energy Optimisation Services

Extensive competition and commoditisation of renewable energy components has led to the need for companies to increase logistical efficiency from production through to deployment in order to achieve that competitive edge. Across the Ocean Shipping optimises logistics of raw materials more effectively, drives improvement to factory flow cycles and has proven to facilitate a rapid entrance to market. By executing our streamlined, sustainable and scalable energy solutions we will help you implement an efficient supply chain with real-time monitoring and management.

Across the Ocean Shipping is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint by offsetting your carbon emissions by funding ecological projects worldwide. Contact us to find out more about our energy logistics solutions and our supporting carbon neutral shipping services.

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