Climate Positive Freight Solutions, the Future of ATO Shipping

Melbourne, August 2021Across the Ocean Shipping (ATOS), Australia’s leading freight forwarder, has launched a Proprietary Emissions Calculator in partnership with trace., one of the globe’s leading organisations for offsetting carbon emissions.

Endeavouring to become accountable for its involvement in the exemplification of carbon emissions, ATOS is providing its clients with the option to offset the carbon emissions associated with their international shipments. The Proprietary Emissions Calculator developed by trace. takes into consideration the shipping method, distance and quantity of goods transported. From these calculations, the carbon footprint of the shipment is ascertained, and the relevant party is provided with a quote translating to offsetting the equivalent emissions of the activity.

Once the client commits to offsetting their carbon emissions, trace. procures certified carbon offsets on their behalf. This ensures every tonne of CO2 emitted during the shipment is offset through projects around the world such as renewable energy, tree planting, avoided deforestation and efficient cookstoves.  All of  trace.’s affiliate projects deliver measurable benefits aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development, and span the globe.

Paving the way to a more sustainable future, ATOS recognises the global shipping industry as one of the predominant culprits for the production of carbon emissions. With the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reporting the sector accounts for 3% of the world’s annual global emissions with little regulation being implemented to decarbonise. Some scientists have projected that maritime shipping could account for 17% of total annual CO2 emissions by 2050 (S&P Global Platts Analytics). ATOS is making its carbon neutral scheme a priority to hold the company and its affiliate clients responsible for the significant involvement it has in fast tracking climate change.

To help alleviate this impact moving forward, Managing Director, David Aherne, outlines how imperative it is for shipping companies to become environmentally conscious:

“Carbon offsetting is an effective and easy way to ensure prompt impact. There are very few freight forwarders offering climate positive freight solutions globally,” he said.

“At ATOS, we acknowledge there is still an immense amount of work to do, as well as a dire need for legislation to be enforced to further regulate the freight forwarding sector. We are determined to take ownership of our involvement within this space and thus proactively work alongside organisations, like trace., who are considered an expert on sustainability.”



About Across the Ocean Shipping

Across the Ocean Shipping (ATOS) is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia. With offices located also in the USA and Netherlands. ATOS provides its clients with effective logistic solutions for all of their international shipping needs.

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