Extension of Bio Security Measures for Cruise Ships Entering Australian Ports

Although COVID is tapering out, it is still present so an extension of bio security measures has been applied. The Government announced the extension of the human biosecurity emergency period under the Biosecurity Act 2015. This includes:

Extending to 17 April 2022 the current measures restricting the entry of international cruise ships into Australian territory and entry at Australian ports; and continuing the application of these restrictions to international cruise ships capable of carrying 100 or more passengers..

The restrictions are inclusive of direct arrivals and Round Trip Cruises (RTC) and will be reviewed monthly.

Large passenger vessels
Crew of large passenger vessels (up to 99 berths, inclusive) who are fully vaccinated for international travel purposes are exempt from Australia’s travel restrictions.
Travel exemptions for unvaccinated crew will only be consider exemptions for those crew who are required to safely operate the vessel. Entry of the vessel should also provide economic benefit to Australia. Maritime Traveller Processing Committee (MTPC)

The MTPC co-ordinates the exercise of various statutory controls and responsibilities carried out at seaports. One of the MTPC’s functions is to review approval requests from the cruise ship industry to arrive or depart from minor, restricted and non-designated seaports where there is no permanent Australian Border Force or Department of Agriculture presence. This function is now extended to superyachts as described.

Cruise ships
Cruise ships are subject to customs clearance, immigration and biosecurity controls when entering and/or departing Australia. This includes requiring permission to enter an Australian Non-Appointed First port of Entry and/or to enter subsequent Ports of Call.
Maritime Traveller Processing Committee approval is required for cruise ships wanting to enter seaports other than the Port of:
Brisbane (excluding Tangalooma)
Cairns (excluding Yorkeys Knob)
Port Adelaide
Cruise ships wanting to arrive, depart or visit any other seaports (including Tangalooma and Yorkeys Knob) must submit a Maritime Traveller Processing Committee application.
The Special Recreational Vessels Act (2019) and Coastal Trading (revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012.